Friday, October 12, 2007

Pedicures….Bliss for your feet

Pedicures….Bliss for your feet

Kitten heels, funky and open toed sandals require toes and feet to look perfect and polished. A pedicure is a method to get better looking feet and nails. The word pedicure comes from the Latin word which means care of the foot. A Pedicure is helpful to prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Pedicures are not only limited for nails, the dead skin of feet is also rubbed off using a rough stone called pumice stone under this process.

Like other beauty treatments, the Pedicure also has a long and rich history and reference in the past. In the current time more and more people are opting for pedicures for different reasons world over. Pedicures are actually a set of foot caring procedures which include foot exfoliation, foot care, nail care, foot massage and foot bath. There are two great reasons for a pedicure; the first reason is to give the feet a well-deserved pampering and deep cleaning and the second reason is to add a sexy look to the toes for summer sandals.

Soft and supple feet can be had by regular use of pumice stone and massaging with moisturizers to counter the effect of daily wear and tear on the feet. Medicated creams or Vaseline applied to the feet before retiring to bed work wonders. The problems related to feet that have occurred over long period of time should be referred to a foot care specialist. We feel our feet also deserve a bit of pampering.
The process of the pedicure begins with the foot bath along with exfoliation, both are done simultaneously. After that foot is gently dried with the help of clean, germfree towels and some deep action moisturizers are applied. Now for the nails, a cotton pad soaked with nail-polish remover is used to take off old polish. After the old polish is removed toenails are clipped straight across with clippers and a nail file is used to smooth the edges, including the sides.

Feet are soaked again in the hot water for five minutes, and then they are rested on the edge of the foot bath. A foot file is dipped in the water, and then it is used to smooth heels, the balls of feet and the outsides of pinkie toes. Now they are patted dry with a clean towel. To get cuticles under control a nail brush dipped in an exfoliating scrub is applied where nail meets skin to clean the area.

Feet are again rinsed and dried; now a generous amount of super-moisturizing foot lotion or cream is applied and massaged into feet and calves. Feet and leg massage are an important part of pedicures. The technique helps to relax the person having the treatment. Foot reflexology is extensively used while giving the foot massage; it relieves many nerves that end in feet. Therapists may also massage with hot stones in their hands, and use special creams that have menthol in them and which are said to help rejuvenate the foot. The moisturizer is now washed off the toenails with soap and water and then dried.

Now it time for beautification of nails, space is created between toes with a foam toe separator and one coat of base coat, two coats of color and one coat of top coat is applied to the nails. Nail-polish remover is applied to remove any polish that missed the target and is on the skin. Polish is now allowed to dry for a few hours before putting on close-toed shoes. It is advisable to apply one coat of top coat three days after the pedicure, then every third day after that to keep polish from chipping. If feet are going to be exposed in the sun, a top coat with sunscreen keeps the polish from fading.

It is advisable that proper care for hygiene should be maintained during your pedicure and all the tools to be used should be properly sanitized and sterilized to avoid the bacterial and microorganism infections. During the process of the pedicure if any cut or skin damage is done, it should be immediately treated with antiseptics.

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