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Skin Care – Keep your skin healthy!

Skin Care – Keep your skin healthy!

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is made up of many layers of epithelial tissues which guard the muscles and other important organs of the body. The color of the skin varies among populations and it is largely dependent on the atmospheric conditions and heredity. There are different types of skins which ranges from the dry to oily types and this also depends upon heredity. It plays a vital role in protecting the body from pathogens and provides the body insulation and thermal regulation against heat. It also helps the body to synthesize the vitamin D and vitamin B. It helps the body to discard many toxic materials through sweat. The sensitivity of the skin also varies from person to person.

Overexposure to the sun may harm the skin severely and lead to problems like skin cancer, sun burn and wrinkles due to the presence of UV rays in the sunrays. The exposure of the skin to very high temperatures may result in dead skin and severe capillary damage. This part of our body always remains in contact with the outer atmosphere which contains polluting gases, germs, different types of infections, dust etc. Therefore it always remains under threat of catching infections and damage. For the protection of this layer of the body we cover it by clothes but some of the portions always remain in the open and carry a great risk of skin damage and getting infections.

From the ancient time various measures were adopted world over for the protection of the skin, which included lubricating it with the help of different oils and herbs, application of toning, moisturizing and cleansing preparations etc. Most of the time only washing of the skin with water or soap doesn’t help much it requires nourishment also.

Today every one desires to have the glowing healthy skin often portrayed by the professional models but only few of us know about the real facts. These professional models do not always have healthy skin, what we see in the pictures is the work of very talented makeup artists or the photo technicians. There are lots and lots of exaggerated claims by the companies producing skin care products, but in real terms they do not offer what they actually claim. Here are some facts for you:

Cleansers: Clean skin definitely offers some protection against pimples but too much cleansing actually damages the skin. Careful application of good cleanser removes the impurities partially and also removes the excess of the skin oils which helps to prevent pimples and blemishes but this job can be done quite effectively with a god quality of soap and water or with water alone.

Toners: There are lots of claims by the companies that toners make the skins pores large and therefore make it easier to remove the excess oil within them. To some extent it is true that toners remove the excess oil left by the cleansers but here again the same action can be achieved with the help of soap and water or water alone. As far as the statement that it assists by making the pores of the skin large is a fake claim.

Moisturizers: Most of us do not require the moisturizers as our skin has its own way to achieve the correct level of balance of the moisture levels. Some evidence was found that some of the commercial moisturizers really have skin protecting ingredients. As such there is no need to use the moisturizers but if you have a fancy feeling about it, go ahead.

The best products for your skin are the natural and herbal products that really nourish and maintain your skin. There are some more precautions about the skin protection if you follow them you can minimize the damage up to certain extent.

Protect your skin from the exposure to sun as this will help to reduce the risk of aging of the skin layer as long as other dangers to the skin are also minimized. Avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol as this also helps to lesson the skin from the damages. Eat healthy food this helps to nourish the skin.

For the protection of your skin you require only natural care, you can’t get healthy skin by spending lots of money.

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