Friday, October 12, 2007

Do You Know Our Breast Can Age? Delay It Now.

Do You Know Our Breast Can Age? Delay It Now.

Do you know our breast can age? It is now known that the rate of skin aging is dependent not only on genetic factors but also upon other factors.

Some factors are controllable by ourselves, and if we exercise some control over them, we can make our breasts younger and healthier.

Toxic substances like smoking, caffeine, alcohol can adversely affect the skin resulting in a dull complexion, broken surface capillaries and dry,

dehydrated skin. Avoiding these, and taking in good nutrition comprising an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, provides the vitamins and

minerals necessary for the production and maintenance of healthy skin.

Adquate water intake is essential for beautiful skin. Water helps to flush out impurities from the system and re-hydrate the skin. Inadequate sleep

can result in bad skin condition. An adequate and good amount of sleep contributes to regeneration of all body tissues including the skin.

Stress have long been known to alter body chemistry. Too much negative stress causes the body to produce stress hormones that can result in a

tendency to skin allergies, blemishes, poor skin tone, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles! To relieve stress, and stay healthy, exercise is

essential. It stimulates the circulation and help to increase energy and strength and tone up your body.

Breast skin disorders and premature skin aging occur as a result of a decline in optimal skin function due to a variety of internal and external factors.

You need to take care of your breast, just like taking careof your face.

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